We finally have this sculpture completed at site. Commissioned by the National Arts Council of Singapore, this caterpillar billboard holds artists work as well as the art event  posters.

Located at the entrance of City Square Mall at Kitchener Link, this billboard is crafted out of stainless steel sheet and held up at their welded joints. The durability and strength of the materials make it excellent as an outdoor ‘sculpture’, ‘billboard’ and of course a stunning art installation.

We thank the National Art Council, City Developments Limited as well as all others who have been involved in setting up this billboard.

For those who have yet visited, the caterpillar is located at :  City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208539.


Residential At Lasia Ave

September 4, 2010

When interior design is about designer products and ‘design’, this becomes a challenging brief. The location is along the quaint Club Street. AT first glance, it is just another hip street. On a second glance, the street itself is alive with its conserved details and shophouse facade. Have a look at the original existing site. It needed quite a bit of work to bring it to life.

The essence of a good design is such that it should be site specific. Means, the design should compliment its surroundings and ambience. At least, i believe so. Thus, many aspects of what constitutes a shophouse is retained. (the timber beams on the ceiling, the presence of a stairs leading to the upper floors, the colors of the five-foot way floor, the timber grilles and window louvres).

Brief given is simple:- Retail boutique for designer products with good circulation, high ceiling and good displays. I had 3 weeks for the project given the tight timeline. I spent a week to conceptualise, and the other 2 weeks for renovation works.

Had some sketches and details which started the design off.

To retain the high ceiling and timber beams, i added a series of drop down track lighting with LED spotlights. The tiles were replace with cement-like homogeneous tiles and the wall are given fresh coat of paints. The displays units are the boutique’s signature shelves with some new additions for a more complete theme.

Check out this clip:-

And finally the completed boutique which will definately be worth your visit.

If you envisage that a billboard will be what you think it is, take a look at our latest project below. This is concept by a local artist, in collaboration with National Arts Council. Preliminary concept started almost a year back. And when somehow it was almost time to let concept morph into a form, we were engaged.

It was a rather long process of understanding the concept and then designing into a form- a 3D form. And not to mention the site contraints- MRT beneath , City Square Mall main entrance & the main road juncture of Kitchener Link and Serangoon Road, this huge “billboard”  will be a talking point. Or perhaps, meeting point.

Well, although it looks as if the billboards are all placed at random, you are wrong. Tied back to the original concept of stringing each billboard through the centre point, it gives a strong visual perspective.

Enough said, we had just started on the metal footings and we definitely hope to get the entire billboard up by December 2009.

Here is a preview of the design.

My Retro Desk Phone

November 12, 2009


After much anticipation, my latest new toy (from Trolley, Singapore) has arrived. It might not be the latest gadget but it’s definitely as cool. This classic retro phone is as elegant as it looks on my messy table. Weigh more than it seems, it’s dial is at the bottom of the base.

When lifted off the table, you can start the dialing. This design classic was based on the upright one-piece phone introduced in Europe in the mid 1950s. And in 1973, it has earned a place in the New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

And now, this curvaceous fully functioning push-button phone is sitting on my desk in Sketch.ID office.

Call me. It is good to talk. : )


Tropical House at Shelford

November 11, 2009


Our latest project which TOP in August 2009 is located in a quiet corner at District 10. Situated on a undulating land, interestingly,  created spaces with split level and terraces. Much work goes on to ensure good natural ventilation and lighting.

Lush landscaping and water feature were created to integrate nature into the architecture and interior of the house. Interior decor mainly mainly works with teak and timber tones to ensure an earthy feel.

A good deal of effort was put in to demarcate the living, dining (public spaces) with the bedrooms and study areaa (private spaces).

For more information on design and architecture, visit us at 43 Amoy Street, Singapore 069869 or email your enquiry to gen@sketchid.com.sg. or contact us at +65 64384228.

House at Sejarah

July 5, 2009

Our latest residential project, a semi-d at Jln sejarah (off University Rd), has finally kick off the first stage of construction works. After many many months of preliminary design proposal and discussions and meetings, we have come to an agreement and consensus with the much excited owners to pen down the latest design for construction.

As the existing house is much in its original state, sort of  like a quiet  Mediterranean building, the challenge was to have a more local tropical modern architecture injected into the new design. Yes, nothing very special, you may think. But, however ,when the brief was to keep 50% of the existing building, this is where our job becomes interesting.

Well, we wanted the spaces to be open and not compartmentalized into living zone, yet providing sufficient light and cross ventilation. The main new extension is purely along the side and back elevation, keeping the original front garden. This allow a lush landscaping at the entrance as well as a green buffer from the road.

We will probably bring you through the floor plan in later stages, but as a start, let’s have a peek at our design intentions.

14JS-13nov08 copy